Privacy policy

Terms used as defined in the General Terms and Conditions of MoID GmbH

1. Which data is collected by MoID GmbH and who can see it?

The software of MoID GmbH ("MoID app") intends to exchange contact information (name, image, title, position, department, phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, birthday, and notes) in a convenient way. To enable the exchange, it is necessary that you store your contact information in the MoID app and determine your short name to be visible for other users nearby.
Contact information: Your stored contact information (name, image, title, position, department, phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, birthday, and notes) is made available to other users only on your explicit request. I.e. you need to offer this data to other users for an exchange to take place. Your information will not be shared with other companies and is used solely for the purpose of the contact exchange between users.
Identification element (short name): Your short name is visible to all users nearby. After a meeting, your short name remains visible for the met users for the next eight days. After any kind of contact information has been exchanged by mutual agreement, your short name is no more visible to the user with whom you have exchanged data. Please make sure that you do not include any private information in your short name. If your contact information includes an image and/or company name, they will become automatically part of your identification element and will be visible as well, as described before.
Local Services: In order to make you visible to users nearby with your short name and in order to allow for a data exchange, MoID app uses GPS, Bluetooth (including your Bluetooth ID) and Wi-Fi networks to determine your position. MoID GmbH is not interested in the actual whereabouts of its users. The only purpose of the retrieved user location, is to detect when two users are nearby. Of course, you can turn off GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi separately on your device, but this may also mean that MoID app provides less satisfactory results.
To ensure that MoID app also detects meetings with other users without having access to internet, your local data is first stored on your phone and sent to the servers of MoID GmbH as soon as internet access is present. Any local data is completely removed from all servers of MoID GmbH after 8 days. This time period gives you and other users the chance to detect meetings up to 8 days, although at the very moment of the meeting one of the users who met had no internet access.
Anonymous usage statistics: Since version 1.1.2 MoID for iOS uses Google Analytics, an analytical service by Google Inc.("Google"), to collect anonymous statistical data regarding the use of our service. To protect your privacy, Google Analytics has been extended with the code "anonymizeIp". This ensures an anonymous collection of IP addresses (also called IP-masking). To disable this functionality you can turn off "send statistics" in the settings of your iOS device. You can do this even before launching the app to make sure that no data is transmitted.

2. The short name shall not be displayed to other users

If you do not want to be visible to other users, you can disable the location services on your device, leave the application, logout, or completely delete the application from your device.

3. Access to your existing contacts

MoID app provides the possibility to improve or complete your existing contacts. For this reason, MoID app analyzes your existing contacts, and tests with the help of currently stored phone numbers and email addresses, which of your existing contacts are also users. If among your contacts are any users, MoID app will offer a digital contact data exchange. The process of detecting other users among your existing phone contacts works without providing any sensitive data to MoID GmbH and without sending any phone numbers or email addresses to MoID servers. Instead, MoID app creates a cryptographically safe fingerprint (hash) from emails and phone numbers, which is then used to detect other users.

4. Changing your own contact

If you edit your own contact information, MoID app synchronizes the modified contact data to each user with whom you have exchanged your contact information in the past. If you do not want this to happen for a specific contact, delete this contact from the MoID app contact list. This ensures that this user will not receive any of your contact updates in the future.

5. Synchronization of existing contacts

In case a user, with whom you have exchanged contact information, changes her contact data, MoID app automatically enters the new data into the corresponding contact. If you do not want this to happen for a specific contact, delete the corresponding contact from the MoID app contact list. This ensures that you will not receive any contact updates from this user in the future.

6. Correction, update, and deletion of information

All of your stored data can be changed, updated, or deleted at any time. In addition to that, your account can be deleted. To this end send a delete request to

Contact information which was exchanged with other users can only be deleted on the devices of these other users by these users. This means that MoID GmbH does not delete any already exchanged contact information. Please contact in this regard the recipient of your data.

7. Amendmend of privacy policies

MoID GmbH reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time in accordance with data protection legislation.