You organize events like conferences or meetups?
You want to provide the best networking experience?
We have all you need!

What we do for you

We integrate your event into MoID.
No work at your end, we do it for you.

We show your sponsors within the app, visible to all event attendees.

We make your event remarkable by improving the networking experience for your audience.

We give you a fantastic way to directly connect with your audience.

Ok, so we improve things for you.
But what about your attendees?

What we do for your attendees

We provide the best and most convenient way of networking: the free app MoID.

MoID automatically senses who attendees meet, and remembers these persons.

MoID allows attendees to easily identify people of their interest.

Attendees can connect directly on the major social networks with who they met at your event.

Ok, so how much is it?

It is completely free.

The only thing we ask you for, is to tell your audience to use MoID on your event.

You like it? We would love to talk about your event!
Simply let us know your email, and we'll get back to you in less than 12 hours. Promised.

Selected events powered by MoID: